JEGGs- Farm Fresh Eggs from an Egg-celent Student


Jenna Harrison, Editor-in-Chief/Podcast Manager

Eggs. Everyone loves eggs, especially fresh and local. And one of the perks of having a smaller community, you can buy eggs from your neighbor, co-worker, or friend. Here at Dyer County, Jake Eblehar has his own small business with JEGGs. He is a sophomore who also is involved with our FFA. He has done a lot within the club and has been *cracking* down on his business.

Jenna- So, Jake, what is your business?

Jake- My business is JEGGS. J-E-G-G-S, if anyone is wondering how to spell it. 

Jenna- *laugh* And what do you do at JEGGs?

Jake- Currently, I sell eggs. I raise the chickens on my property, and I tend to them daily. 

Jenna- And how did you start with JEGGs?

Jake- So 4-H was offering their chick chain company, and I got four chicks from that. But before that, I got six chicks from Rural King. 

Jenna- Aww! 

Jake- And it went from there. And they kept coming. And coming. *pause* And coming. 

Jenna- *laughs* I feel like you’re slightly traumatized from these chicks. 

Jake- Not even slightly. 

Jenna- *laughs* Like, full-blown? 

Jake- Absolutely.

Jenna- Off that topic, what’s your eventual goal with your business?

Jake- I want to eventually sell my chickens and I’m going to start raising the chicks to productive chickens. Because people don’t want to deal with the hassle of raising chicks, so I want to be in the business.

Jenna- Okay. So give me an estimate of what you’ll make in maybe a month.

Jake- I’ll make, currently, about one hundred bucks a month. 

Jenna- Oh, wow, that’s not bad at all. 

Jake- But once I start doing the chickens, I’ll possibly look at 3 to 5 hundred.

Jenna- Oh wow, that’s a big jump.

Jake- Yeah.

Jenna- And do you sell inside of school or outside of school? 

Jake- Outside, mainly. I’ll talk to people in school and ask if they need eggs.

Jenna- And where do you sell?

Jake- Mainly at my church. I have routine customers for that I know I need to bring a certain amount of eggs every so often. 

Jenna- Do you have any social media accounts that you use for JEGGs?

Jake- No, I only use my phone number. 

Jenna- Okay. And how long have you been in business?

Jake- I think I’m going into my fifth year.

Jenna- Look at little business savvy you! Do you plan to make your sales more mainstream? Like at the Dyersburg Farmer’s Market or Farm to Table?

Jake- Since I’m cutting the eggs soon, I’ll mainly just be talking to the customers to get the breed of hen that they want, if they want a straight run, and see specifically what they want to use them for, so that I can tailor the breed of the hen to the customer themself.

Jenna- Oh, wow, okay, and what is your eventual goal with JEGGS?

Jake- I would like to change it to chickens and eventually make it to an eventual cattle ranch, possibly.

Jenna- And what inspired you to start JEGGs? Outside of the obvious chicken traumatization. 

Jake- Well, my grandparents always had chickens, and I always got practice from helping my grandparents. It was so much fun for me. It kinda just made sense to do it.

Jenna- Final question and I’ll leave you alone. What would you say to people who want to become business owners, similar to yours, which is a farmer?

Jake- Mainly, I say just do it. I mean, you’re going to make mistakes whether you study it or not. I mean, you could spend three class periods studying business, every day, but you’re still going to mess it up, you’re still going to lose animals, you’re going to break eggs, and things are going to happen. Things will mess up, but you still just have to do it. 

Jenna- You just gotta do it. Agreed. 

Well, there you have it. Jake Ebhelar with JEGGs, a small business that sells eggs and eventually, chickens. Give him a call with his number below if you ever need a dozen eggs for 2.50$, or a chicken. I personally feel like the chicken would be a great Christmas gift.

Jake’s number- (731)-445-4516

*****The dialogue has been edited for length and clarity.