Why are Funko Pops Collectible?

Why are Funko Pops Collectible?

Andrew Griffith

Unlike beanie babies, Funko Pops have several more factors that contribute to their value. During the nineties, beanie babies were becoming extremely collectible, the rarity of colors is what changed the value of them. With Funko Pops, It’s a much different story. Unlike the one factor that makes beanie babies rare, Funko Pops have three factors. Funko Pops fluctuate with what show they’re from, what edition it is, and when did the show become popular.

The base price of any Funko Pop is $11.99 retail. However, as time goes on, they increase or decrease in value. For example, breaking bad in the past 2 years has had a resurgence. Everyone wanted their hands on breaking bad pops but the last time they had made any was 2014. Therefore, the people who still had them, were able to control the market and set high prices on the pops. The most expensive breaking bad pop now is worth well over $1,000.

Another example would be the recent character called Eddy Monson. In “Stranger Things Season 4” The character Eddy Monson immediately became the most beloved character of the season. Because of that, everyone wanted to get a pop of him however, demand was much higher than supply. In a weeks time the pop went from 11.99 to $150.

The future for Funko Pops looks very bright. It seems as if the market for them is growing by the day and there are no signs of it stopping. Perhaps there may be another type of collectible that takes over the market. However, it doesn’t look like that’ll be happening anytime soon.