Wesley Brownlee Part 1

Bailee Mccree

Have you ever wondered if you’ve crossed paths with a serial killer? Although we would like to believe serial killers are something insane and unlikely, serial killers still walk the streets. In fact, there was a serial killer caught on October 15, 2022. Wesley Brownlee born in San Fransisco and raised in Oakland. As a teen Brownlee was said to be troubled.

Brownlee didn’t have a great reputation. In the span of twenty years Wesley went to prison three times for selling crack cocaine. It is said that Wesley’s problems arose from the murder of his brother and a close family friend. Although Wesley went through these traumatic events it is unsure the reason why he decided to start murdering people in his early forties. 

Brownlee lived in Oakland until the late 1990’s when his mother moved. According to court records Brownlee’s parents were off and on for 16 years until eventually splitting in his early teens. Dale Brownlee, Wesley’s brother was murdered at the age of seventeen when Wesley was sixteen. Dale was killed in a shooting that was said to be “drug-related,” in the same spot that a family friend was murdered just six months prior. After the passing it was said that Wesley was described as “depressed” and his mother even took him to therapy. Wesley dropped out of high school his junior year. 

Soon after this is when he first got arrested for selling cocaine. He was placed on house arrest with strict rules but his mother was suffering a chronic disease that made it easy for him to leave unnoticed. At the age of eighteen he was arrested for the selling of cocaine and put on probation. When he was caught for a third time by selling cocaine to an undercover cop his probation was revoked and he was placed in prison for two years. He served his time at San Quentin Prison.