Wesley Brownlee Part 2

Bailee Mccree

Wesley has been charged with three murders at this point in time but police believe he was involved with other crimes as well. Jonathan was the youngest of Wesleys victims. He was murdered on August 22, 2022 and his body was found inside his car at his apartment complex. Jonathan died from being shot. Usually police and investigators can link gun wounds back to a gun but Wesley’s weapon has become known as the “ghost gun.” Police have not been able to link anything back to any specific gun and it has been stated it’s almost like he never bought it. 

Juan Cruz was another of Wesley’s victims. Juan was killed on April 21, 2021 around 4:30 A.M. and was also murdered with the “ghost gun.” Information about Juan’s case is still private but Wesley has been charged for his murder and justice will be served. 

There have been three other victims all killed in the same way but all with different stories. All leave behind families and a civilization wondering what to do next. Some of the cases there is no evidence for but police are working to find evidence that links Wesley to their deaths. All of the murders occured in the same towns, the same way, and possibly the same person behind it all. Wesley was spotted driving around with a mask on at 2 A.M. and was followed by a police officer. He had a gun in his possesion and was taken to jail charged with felony charges for gun possesion. The final sentence and outcome of Wesley’s case is soon to be determined.