What Shows Are The Best For Kids?


Laura Brimm

A big question a lot of people ask is what shows should my kid be watching or, what shows should my nieces and nephews, or brother and sister be watching. Well, there is a right and wrong answer, a lot of people are first going to Coco Melon, which is a big no, but other shows like My Little Pony or Boss Baby are great choices so here is a list of a few shows and movie series a child in your family should watch. 

One that is really good to watch is Cat In The Hat (CITH). Cat In The Hat is really good to watch because of the educational themes and the main character, the Cat, introduces a fun element to the show, and to the task that they handle. Cat In The Hat introduces many different themes of science and world exploration to young kids and it’s something younger and older kids can both enjoy. 

Wild Kratts is also a really good show for kids to watch, it has all the elements of great kids’ shows. Wild Kratts is fun, educational, and has a decent plot in every episode that is easy to follow. Wild Kratts really teaches kids to appreciate nature and to take initiative in learning about different climates, states, and living scenarios and the animals that live in them. Overall I think Wild Kratts is a great show for young children and even students and it’s something everyone can either enjoy or tolerate, unlike some other children’s shows.

The Home series is a spinoff of the movie Home and is really enjoyable to watch with a younger sibling, I speak from experience. It has a fun color scheme and out-of-the-box ideas. Another thing I find enjoyable about these episodes is that every episode has a problem and solution, it really teaches problem-solving skills every episode by doing this.

This is my own personal ranking of shows that are good for kids and yourself to watch that really don’t get boring or annoying. I wanted to put this out to show good options to watch with family members or if the babysitting that won’t annoy you to the point of exhaustion, like the same songs repeating on Coco Melon.