Mascow murder suspect


Ariana Brandon

This is part 2 of my other article, “Unsolved Idaho murders”. But this time, we have more insight and a suspect. In December 28-year-old Bryan Kohberger, a Ph. D student of criminology at Washington state university was arrested for four acts of murder in the first degree and one act of robbery. Multiple tips and evidence pieces tie Bryan to the crime scene.

 Including videotape footage of a white Hyundai Elantra driving around the house at 3 am. At 4 am Xana Kernoodle was delivered a doordash order, at about 4:15 phone data shows she was on TikTok. At the same time testifying, surviving roommate, D.M., said she thought she heard her roommates upstairs playing with the dog. At 4:04 am the Hyundai passed the cameras a fourth time. After this most recent court case, we learn D.M. got to take a look at the suspect inside the house, which is something we didn’t know before. She said, in court, she opened her bedroom door because she thought she had heard her roommate crying and a male voice saying “it’s okay, I’m going to help you”. She opened it to see a man in black clothes with bushy eyebrows and a ski mask walking towards the glass slide door. D.M. says he looked her way and all she could do was lock herself in the room. This makes us all believe it was a targeted murder.

The father of Kaylee Goncalves has expressed this a few times even before we had a suspect. During court, her father says Bryan never once tried to look at him. I was hoping for that, You know, he’s going to avoid me for a while, but he’s definitely going to have to deal with the effects of the aftermath,” Goncalves told TODAY magazine. On Dec. 15, 8 days after  Moscow police were searching for his car, Kohberger was on his way from Washington to Pennsylvania with his father. He was stopped twice by policemen on his way. Once for following

a van too closely. He was not ticketed and let go by Indiana police but other officers did receive his phone number which later on helped them crack into Bryan’s cell phone data to show he was in the area at the time of the killings. Bryan was later arrested in PA at his family home and flown to the jail/courthouse in Idaho for court the next morning. During this hearing it is said Kohberger barely says anything nor does he acknowledge or make eye contact with the victim’s families. He was sentenced to jail time until his next hearing without bail and a no-contact order with the families. 

Not only was the Hyundai seen circling the house multiple times that morning, but the investigator said they were able to track his phone records and pinged it close to the house once after he left his house, Then it was tracked to the Washington state campus until hours later when he allegedly returned to the crime scene his phone was pinged again.

This also shows he visited the area 12 times before the murders all late at night or early in the morning except one which is when he was pulled over and gave his number to the officer. Also, a possible murder weapon was found on the second floor in the bed with Maddie. It was a large knife covered in a sheath that was searched for DNA and 100% match with DNA from trash pulled from Kohbergers car as he was on his way to PA with his father. 5 days after the murders Kohberger changed his Pennsylvania plates to Washington plates, where he was going to school. Unfortunately, this is all the information we the media have been told recently, but I’m sure there will be more updates and insight soon on Kohberger’s case.