The Sallie House


Carolina Troxel

The Sallie house is a residence in Atchison, Kansas built in the mid-1800s. The house is believed to be haunted by multiple spirits but predominantly the spirit of a little girl named Sallie.
In the early 1900s, the house served as a physician’s office in Atchison under the name of Dr. Finney. The front of the home was his office space and examination rooms. The doctor and his family lived upstairs in the home.
The legend is that a mother brought her daughter, Sallie, into the house because she was suffering from severe abdominal pain. The doctor diagnosed Sallie with appendicitis. He began an emergency surgery to save the girl before her appendix ruptured. Unfortunately, the doctor started the surgery before the anesthetic took full effect, resulting in her death.
The circumstances of her death and the last thing she saw while alive was a man she believed was trying to hurt her. This has led people to believe she hates men and mainly targets them. There have been many accounts of men being scratched until they bled, and this has led to Sallie’s nickname being “The Man Hating Ghost”.
The house was haunted long before but the activity got worse in 1993. A young couple rented the residence during this time, and their dog would growl at nothing, mostly around the upstairs nursery. After the couple lived there for a little the activity took a violent turn. The husband was being physically attacked, at the hands of Sallie supposedly, and spontaneous fires broke out inside the home. The husband would find scratches on his abdomen and chest and any time he drew close to the spirit objects would move. Also, the area where the botched operation is believed to have happened is drastically colder than the rest of the space.
Paranormal activities that visitors have reported are video and equipment not working, full batteries being immediately and completely drained, moving objects, unexplainable scratches or bruising, being physically touched, coldness in random spots of the home, and guide dogs refusing to enter the nursery. Many who visit the home and don’t believe in the paranormal have left full believers. Psychics have confirmed the presence of multiple spirits and have had conversations with many of them. The home was worth an estimated $1 million in February 2016 and $499,000 in August before being taken off the market in November 2017. Serious injuries have not been reported since the last tenants in 1993.