New Year’s Superstitions

Jenna Wallace

          There are several New Year’s superstitions that millions of people take part in every year. We are going to cover just some of the most popular ones!

    • Kiss at midnight- everyone knows you are supposed to kiss your partner at midnight but there’s a reason behind this; it is said that the person you kiss at midnight will be your lifelong love.
  • Have cash in your wallet- this is a very easy one that people do almost every day more than likely with no thought, however it is said if you have cash in your wallet on New Year’s it will be prosperity in the upcoming year.
  • Don’t clean the house- it may be hard to resist for some if you were the host for a New Year’s event but it is said if you clean your house on New Year’s you will wash away all of your good luck.
  • Open the doors and windows at midnight- this is a chilly superstition, I mean who wants to open their doors and windows in the middle of the night mid-winter; however, people do this in order to let the old year and bad spirits out.
  • Eat collard greens and black-eyed peas- some people love these foods but many find them very gross, either way many people stomach these foods to bring in wealth since collards represent cash and peas represent coins.
  • The first person to enter your home- the first person to cross the threshold of your home should be a dark-haired male bringing good luck and a gift, and this one shouldn’t be hard because the majority of the population is dark-haired males!
  • Make lots of noise- this also shouldn’t be hard considering everyone cheers when the clock strikes 12, though we cheer out of joy, it doubles as a superstition to scare off any evil spirits.
  • Carry an empty suitcase- our last superstition may sound silly but it may also be worth it if you have an adventurous spirit; it is said if you carry an empty suitcase around your house, you are inviting new adventures to join you in the New Year.


          Though superstitions can seem silly to a lot of people and they may not even be true, it is still fun and hopeful to participate in the timeless and exciting activities for the New Year!