Level 16 ~ Movie Review Series


Laura Brimm

Now many of you may not have seen the movie Level 16, and I hadn’t either until almost a week ago, now this movie is a 2018 science fiction horror film and has been described as a cliche to some. However true it is that some areas of the plot line have been used in other science fiction movies, doesn’t take away from the overall great movie. 

The storyline takes place in what I immediately thought from the opening scene, a dystopian futuristic universe. There have been many comments rating this movie that were honestly dull and you could tell that the full picture wasn’t seen. The girls in this movie were all kept in a facility from a very young age, young enough that they couldn’t remember the outside world, and sold by their parents to this doctor. The doctor, Doctor Miro, was the one who controlled the girls ‘vitamins’, which were drugs that contributed to the mind control and ‘cleanliness’ of the girls. There were four halls on each level, Rose, Daisy, Lilly, and Iris, they each held several girls, and they were judged and punished depending on their ability to avoid the ‘vices’ like anger and curiosity, and obey the ‘feminine virtues’ like cleanliness and obedience.

The many girls in this institution, called Vestalis Boarding School, were severely punished for even minorly committing a vice, for example, a young Vivian (Sarah DaSilva) helped a friend, Sophia, pick up her face wash tub and was late to her spot in line for cleaning her face, violating the cleanliness and obedience vice, even being only half a second late the guards came and snatched her and took her to the punishment room from there its unsure what happened to Vivian, but before she left she begged for Sophia to tell them she did nothing and was only helping, but like the other girls, she faced the wall and said nothing. But from that scene, it goes to an older Vivian (Katie Douglas) being the head girl in her levels hall. Her rule is, “No questions”, no matter what, “Curiosity is a vice”.

Vivian, after being moved to level 16, in rose hall, with two other girls from her hall in level 15, is reunited with her old friend Sophia. Sophia is ready and expecting to greet Vivian with a happy smile and open arms, but Vivian blamed Sophia for her punishment received in level 10 for helping her. But, from this point in the movie things only get better, it honestly threw me for a loop, the reason the girls were in this ‘school’ that is, and I was honestly shocked.

But overall, this movie deserves at least a seven out of ten on any rating scale. This movie, when you look closely, educates us on the horrors of the world, everything in this movie had the possibility of being real, well, except for the ‘vitamins’ in my opinion. I would defiantly recommend watching Level 16 to anyone and I personally can’t wait to watch it again.