Kurt Cobain conspiracy theory

Kurt Cobain conspiracy theory

Ariana Brandon

In April 1994 in Seattle, WA. 27 years old Nirvana icon and lead singer Kurt Cobain was shot inside his home leaving behind his wife Cortney Love, and 1-year-old daughter Francis Bean Cobain. It was quickly proven as a suicide considering there was a handwritten note, but the world has different opinions. It was definitely a surprise to not only nirvana fans but everyone. And by everyone, this is including private investigator Tom grant who believes this should have been ruled as murder, not suicide.

 It’s no secret Kurt had a hard life, more so when he got older. This is why so many people believe the suicide theory. He struggled with heroin addiction with many overdoses (but it’s the 90’s, what do you expect). As an upcoming star is when it started. Kurt’s first band was called Fecal Matter formed in 1985 shortly after Kurt dropped out of school. In around 1989 Kurt met up with Krist Novoselic and formed nirvana later adding in Dave Grohl. Nirvana started to become big in the “grunge” industry, some would even say they formed it. While everyone loved nirvana, Kurt however was disenchanted with the idea and feeling of the new “rock star stardom”.

After Kurt’s death, His wife Courtney hired Grant. She also filed a missing persons report but not under her name, instead of doing it directly she did it under Kurt’s mother’s name. Because of all the murder rumors, to figure out if her husband’s suicide was actually a murder. The main conspiracy theory though is that Courtney herself killed Kurt. You might be wondering why? Well, some people say that she was having an affair. Kurt’s lawyer said Kurt and his wife had been having problems so Kurt called a week before his death to remove Courtney from his will. On April 5, 1994, days before his death, Kurt had been admitted to the Exodus Recovery Center in Marina Del Rey, California, but ran away that day back to his Seattle home. These events make people believe it was in fact suicide.

Grant was very surprised when he heard Kurt’s death was ruled as a suicide. The main reason Grant was so heavily influenced that this was murder is that during the autopsy, Kurt’s body showed the gun was positioned through his mouth and the bullet went through his head Mind you this was a Remington Model 11 20-gauge shotgun. Kurt had 3 times the lethal amount of heroin in his system. Too much to have been sober or strong enough to lift the gun considering it weighs 7 lbs and 12 oz. Which isn’t heavy unless you’re a toddler or Kurt in this situation. Another reason would be his “suicide note” was so inconsistent. The top part was talking about possibly leaving the music industry or making more music. The bottom talks more so about his family and his daughter. It was a different handwriting/font so Grant thinks someone else wrote it.

Even family members have expressed their concerns. Some more than others. Most stayed quiet not wanting to erupt the media. Cobain’s grandfather however loudly expressed his opinion to the media. Even Kurt’s estranged father-in-law Henry Harrison believed Courtney had a role in the death of her husband. Courtney was also really the only suspect because if you think about it. Who would want to kill Kurt Cobain, A father, a band member, loved by most? And unlike most stars now, Kurt was unproblematic and selfless. He didn’t engage in the media drama. He was also a grunge star, not a pop star, so he wasn’t as well known in other genres. Now, this doesn’t mean Cobain never contemplated suicide, But with certain evidence, it looks unlikely.

Courtney also asked reporters and anyone with full pictures of her husband’s body after death, that they be deleted and not released to the media.

There are even some who went to the extreme to say Courtney hired them to do it, Whether this is true or not? Anything is possible. All That Is Interesting news source says, Eldon Hoke (nicknamed “El Duce”) who came forward and claimed that Courtney Love tried to offer him $50,000 to kill Kurt Cobain. Of course, it’s worth noting that Hoke was a shock rocker looking to promote his career. But eerily, just days after being interviewed about Cobain in 1997, Hoke was found dead after being run over by a train.” Could it be possible Hoke was lying for fame or did Love actually want her husband dead? Did she succeed? Unless the case is opened back up, we’ll never know. We are left without assumptions and theories.