Warning! Bumper Stickers!


Bird Gurden, Writer, Photographer, Graphic Design

   Bumper car stickers are one of the most popular ways to decorate your car. There are stickers of all designs, from beach destinations to political stands. No doubt these stickers can be very personal to your family and your life, though they could even be considered dangerous. Police report many burglars following people and picking up clues to get them an advantage to robbing homes. 

   Some of the most obvious stickers for criminals to pick up on are the family figures. They can pick up on your family’s hobbies and find the patterns of when you could possibly not be home. As an example, this picture shows a son playing baseball. A criminal could put the puzzle pieces together and see that the son has baseball practice after school or a game on the weekends, so the family could not be home and it would be a golden opportunity to break in. It’s the same thing for the little girl wearing the ballet outfit and her performances and practices. The dog gives him insight on if you have a big dog, little dog, or no dog. It warns the robber to be careful and quiet when he/she does break in. 

   Another sticker that is very popular with stalkers is the religious stickers. Depending on what religion you are, it could mean different things. For Christianity, Catholics, and many others, they have service on Sundays and sometimes Wednesdays, meaning you wouldn’t be home for those times in the morning and afternoon. It’s a perfect window to break in without having to deal with a family there in the house. Also, many religions have temples. So burglars could break in when they are gone then as well.

   There are also many other stickers that give away parts of information about your life. Pro-gun stickers suggest that you more than likely have a firearm in your home, which obviously isn’t good for a robber trying to break into your house. 

   Another common sticker many parents use is the honor student sticker. It has your kid’s name and school which could be very dangerous towards your children. The criminal in question could become a stalker and now they know where your child goes to school and where you’ll be to pick them up at 3:00. 

   One that I hadn’t really thought about but is very personal is the vacation spot stickers. If you have a beach sticker on the back of your car, it says that you’ll be more than likely gone when vacation times run around. Summer break, spring break, and sometimes even fall break are times when many people go out for vacation, and with the sticker on the back of your car marking where your favorite vacation spot is, is very dangerous. 

   Charity bumper stickers suggest a very good financial status. You have that extra money that you give to charity that they can steal from you. There is nothing wrong with having stickers on the back of your car. I would, and so would many police departments, suggest that you watch what you decorate your car with for safety reasons.