LeBron James’ biggest goal

LeBron James biggest goal

McKinley Barron

     Most people who like sports know who LeBron James is. Some people love him while others hate him. He is one of the best players to ever play in the NBA. He has won four NBA finals and has played in ten. No matter if LeBron is on the downfall of his career, he will by far be one of the best to ever do it. Even if some people think he might retire soon that is not the case. Lebron James Jr, Lebron’s 18-year-old son, is about to start college in the fall. LeBron hopes to stay in the league long enough to play on the same team as him. 


      LeBron James Jr, also known as Bronny, is ranked in the top 50 of his recruiting class. Some analysts say that he won’t be near the athlete his dad is, but he will get more publicity than his other peers just because of his family. Bronny plays at Sierra Canyon in Los Angeles, where he has played with other stars, including Dwayne Wade’s son. He by far isn’t the best on his team, but he is getting very good offers. He recently posted on his instagram where he went on a visit to The Ohio State University. Even though LeBron didn’t go here, this is his favorite college team, being that he was born in Ohio. Bronny has not made it official yet where he will play college ball, but he will soon considering that he graduates from high school in the spring.


    LeBron stated in a recent interview that he will do whatever it takes to play with his son. He said that it wasn’t about money anymore. Wearing the same jersey as his son would mean more than money would to him. Most people do not believe Bronny will stay at college for four years unless he isn’t ready for the NBA. If he declares for the draft early, we could see him in the league as early as 2025 or 2026. Even if he does stay until 2027 that is only four more years for LeBron. As he has said before, he will do whatever it takes to play with him. This would be a great duo for the NBA and sports in general.