Buffalo Bills Player goes into Cardiac Arrest


Bradley Akin, Journalist

Monday, January 2nd, 2023, a 24-year-old American football player went into cardiac arrest mid-game. NFL safety Damar Hamlin’s heart stopped 9 minutes into the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills game. Higgins had run a 13-yard pass from Joe Burrow when Hamlin went in for the tackle. When this happened Higgins led with his right shoulder hitting Hamlin’s chest but also completed the tackle. Shortly after Hamlin stood up preparing for the next play when he fell on the ground and emergency personnel rushed to the field. While receiving medical attention Hamlin was down for 19 minutes requiring CPR and an automated external defibrillator. Taken by ambulance to The University of Cincinnati Medical center, both teams and fans gathered outside praying with lit candles. Though doctors are not exactly sure what caused this incident they traced the symptoms back to a rare trauma known as commotio cordis. 

People are still extremely concerned about Damar Hamlin’s condition but it’s said he’s showing “signs of improvement.” Though he continues to be in critical condition doctors are optimistic he will make a semi-full recovery. The reason for saying semi-full is because they believe he will physically make a full recovery but they worry his brain was without oxygen for too long. When the brain goes without oxygen for a certain amount of time it could cause adverse effects on mental health. Hamlin’s heartbeat was restored on the field but he will stay on a ventilator until doctors can work to get him breathing on his own. Everyone can only hope and pray that he will continue on to make a full mental and physical recovery.