Top 5 Gifts Not to Get Your Girlfriend


There are many good options to get your girlfriend for any holiday or occasion. Flowers, jewelry, or just a simple dinner date out somewhere nice, are just some of the easiest and most common ideas. Thinking of things that she likes, even if it’s small, can be the most meaningful gift to her. Yet there are some gifts that just shouldn’t be given especially to your girlfriend. 

The top worst thing you can get a girl, no matter what occasion it is for, is nothing. Almost anything can be a great gift, just as long as it is something. The feeling a girl gets when she sees that her boyfriend didn’t get her anything for her birthday is heartbreaking. It’s really just a bad idea to get her nothing. 

Another thing not to get your girl is clothes. Unless it’s a sweatshirt or cute socks don’t get it. Most girls are very picky when it comes to clothes, and if you get the wrong size it could go very wrong. Now if she picks it out and you buy it for her in secret then that’s different. That’s a super easy way to get her something and keep her happy. 

A diet or fitness book. I personally think that this shouldn’t be a gift for anyone unless they specifically ask for it. It could be taken very offensively and hurt some feelings. The last thing you want to do is make your girlfriend feel awful about the way she looks. You are her personal hype person. You are there to make her feel like a queen and giving her a diet or fitness book could completely give the wrong impression. 

Cash is definitely one that you wouldn’t, off the top of your head, see as offensive. But just a bunch of cash for a holiday could come across thoughtless and lazy. It seems as if you didn’t have time to get something thoughtful for her, or you just don’t care enough to get her something nice for her. Money is the easy way out for gifts. I can’t lie, I give money for birthday gifts when I don’t know what else to get them, but I never do it for a significant other, family member, or close friend. That just is not ok. 

Obviously cheap jewelry is a no go. I get it, you are on a budget and can’t get the $200 necklace you saw in the window and Kay for your lovely lady. But there are so many other options than the jewelry you pay a quarter for out of the dispensers at an arcade. Especially for her birthday. The candy necklaces and bracelets are a no too. They taste gross and look awful too. 

Good gifts for your girlfriend of course vary, depending on what type of girl your girlfriend is. Any gift can be a good gift as long as it is thoughtful and from the heart.