How to have a good interview.

Makayla Bell

The main focus during your interview is your first impression. Any first impressions you make in your in-person or virtual interview are how you appear and what your body language says about you. In addition to being neat and orderly in appearance present a relaxed but alert demeanor. To maintain your demeanor you must practice with a family member or friend of your choice. 

The second focus is having a clear understanding of the job you are applying for. When researching the company some things to look out for are the location and dress code for employees. For example, when heading inside you don’t want to be wearing jeans with holes and a shirt when most workers wear dress attire and suit pants. Also learning knowledge of how they work and what they stand for is more information they may look for in their questions.

The third focus is how you travel. Always traveling light looks more professional rather than a big purse or backpack. If you must travel with a bag, however, get it stored somewhere rather than carrying it from interview to interview. The top recommendation for something light is a portfolio. A portfolio can hold your resume and extra papers you feel you may need for the company you’re applying for. 

With keeping all three focuses in mind your upcoming interview should go smoothly with confidence. When getting ready to leave the interview and they ask for any questions always be prepared to ask one. These questions can range from the business to their opinion about the future of the company. Not knowing what to ask may not affect you but it could make it seem like you’re not as interested as you have presented.