New Drivers


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Makayla Bell

At the age of 16 most teens are ready to drive. This may be exciting for them but for others, it could give high anxiety knowing their child is on the road. The most common crashes involve inexperienced teens. Even though you have passed your test it’s always safe to have a parent with you until you feel fully ready. With the thrill of going places with your friends in the car, it may cause you to lose focus. Always remember what you learned about driving and not get distracted by phones or passengers. 

You may believe you have experience on the road and know what to watch for, but do you really? One of the main reasons teens can crash is because of speeding. Teens can go and say they have it under control but do they know other people’s plans? You can speed 70 down a road and then get hit from the side not realizing they were going to turn out. Always being observant and going the speed limit would save many lives that have just begun. 

When getting ur license like most people you’d want to celebrate, grab a few friends, go out and find some drinks. You may believe that you’re safe with consuming a little alcohol but a little is all you need to be pulled over. Driving and drinking are the second reason teens can get in a wreck and it be fatal. Being that friend in a car with a drunk driver would be alarming knowing your life is put in danger. Of course, teens will be teens but there’s a time and place to be one and on the road, drunk is not what should come to your mind when wanting fun. 

You can read all the safety rules in the books and still not put ur seatbelt on when only going to the store. Never underestimate the dangers of driving and how it can affect your life in the future. Always be observant of other people and your surroundings even when only going to the store.