Most Memorable and Loved RnB Songs of The 2000s

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Neon sign. Custom neon. Club decor.

Laura Brimm


 Some of the most loved songs by our millennials and some gen-Z are RnB songs of the 2000s and some even recently released RnB songs. I am what I like to call a music connoisseur, I like it all. Rap, country, hip-hop, RnB, pop, rock, heavy metal, and more. But, here are my personal rankings of our favorite RnB songs from 2000, starting with “Let Me Love You” by Mario.  

“Let Me Love You” sung by Mario in 2004, was a slam dunk hit. Mario, now 36 years old, made this song when he was 18, the song then became his first number-one and international hit soon after its release. This is easily one of the most memorable and enjoyable songs he released in his whole career, the lyrics hitting the spot time after time. His song definitely deserves the number-one spot. 

“Playing Games” remix of Summer Walker’s “Playing Games” sung by Jacquees released in 2019 is definitely an amazing cover. His version of the song, for a reason I can’t explain, hits so much harder than Summer Walkers. The beat, lyricism, and tone are excellent, that’s why it has landed on this second place slot, even though a lot of people do not know this song’s version, it is indeed lovely. 

“So Sick” released by Ne-Yo in 2006 is easily the most memorable song of the 2000s. His lyrics and his approach in the song. Ne-Yo talking about a breakup and him personally being upset about it instead of the typical ‘I didn’t need you anyway’ approach with male breakup songs is honestly refreshing, not to mention catchy. His song can easily be stuck in someone’s head, so listen with caution. Really, his song is truly great. 

“Who’s That Girl” Eve released in 2001, so far the oldest on our list, is amazing and recently went viral, yet again, on Tik Tok, and brought attention to the song and just how good it really is. “Who’s That Girl” is the first single taken from Eve’s second album, Scorpion. The song, “Who’s That Girl” is honestly just so catchy and relatable and makes all of the wemon that listen to it feel so confident that it honestly had to be on this list one way or another. The song is fantastic and that can be said at any time, by anyone, anywhere and it is true. 

“Me & U” sung by Cassie in 2006, has gone viral as a ‘thirst trap’ and an edited song on Tik Tok, and honestly it should have been viral for a while. The song has a lot of lines that are powerful and if we were talking about movies, could be considered ‘one-liner hits’ with how good they are, honestly, I would just listen to the main verse on repeat for hours. Speaking of hours the next and last song on this lovely list is, “Hrs and Hrs” by Muni Long. 

“Hrs and Hrs” by Muni Long is a hit. There are no other words to describe how good and excellent it is. Seriously. Go and listen to it immediately on whatever music streaming app you use. Her lyricism for this song is amazing and so beautiful it could make a grown man cry like a baby in all seriousness. It has a beautiful melody and the lyrics alone make it so worth the four minutes you spend listening to it, that is if you don’t put it on repeat. 

Overall, these 2000s RnB songs never let us down and deserve a lot of recognition. The songs on this list are amazing and if there are a few you haven’t heard of, go to youtube or even Spotify and have a listen.