2023 Basketball Homecoming


Caitlyn Berry, Sports Editor

Basketball homecoming at Dyer County High school has always been a big deal. We have dress up days, a pep-rally, a homecoming basketball game, and a homecoming ceremony. It is a big week that brings everyone together to support the Dyer County Choctaws. 

To start off Homecoming week we have dress up days. The theme of the week was “Rush Week.” Tuesday the dress up day was jersey day. Everyone wore their jerseys to “Team up with St. Jude.” On Wednesday, It was Big/Little day or “Twin day”. Everyone twinned with someone. On Thursday it was “rep your greek letters.” Everyone dressed as something that starts with the first letter of their name. On Friday, you had to wear orange, not only for the Choctaws, but for St. Jude!

On Friday, before the homecoming game, we had a pep rally. The Co-ed team performed and cheered. Then the freshman buff puff team faced off against the faculty buff puff team. It was a very close game, but the faculty pulled away with the win. 

At the game on Friday everyone came out dressed in their formal clothes and Choctaw  colors. The girl team and boys team both won their games. During the halftime of the boys game we had our Homecoming ceremony. There were two representatives for the Freshmen, sophomore, and Juniors. Then for the seniors there were four representatives. For the freshman the representatives were Riley Key and Ella Baird. The sophomore representatives were Laney and Lucy Moore. The Junior representatives were Blair Irons and Emma French. Lastly our seniors were Caitlyn Berry, Emma Briscoe, Paris Halliburton, and Eden LaRue. This ceremony completed the great homecoming week!