2023 Spring Fashion Trends


Lauren Rose, Social Media Manager

The changing of the seasons from winter to spring is one of the most exciting times of the year, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the temperature starts rising. When it comes to the spring fashion trends of this year, there is a lot to look forward to. Last season, there was a clear ’90s directive when it came to minimalism, with logo vests, low-slung trousers, and tube dresses being hero items. Now, things have been pared back even further; sure, Y2K maxi skirts and oversized suiting are very much a thing but the silhouettes are cleaner and the color palette looks more expensive; think shades of teal, camel, and navy. Almost like work wear or business casual.


  • Detailed Denim

From embroideries to lace-up denim to even feathers, detailed denim is on the rise this season. 


  • Draped Dresses

Draped dressing can be described as dresses that are loose in most places but tight fitting in all the right spots. They provide a stunning silhouette to make almost anyone feel confident.


  • Large Handbags

I’m sure we all remember the microscopic handbag trend where the only thing you could fit in your bag was some pocket change and lipgloss, but those days are long gone. The new trending bags are now half the size of a suitcase, such as the Marc Jacobs tote bag or a puffer tote.


  • Pinstripes

When you hear the word pinstripes you might think of your softball uniform, but this is not the case. Pinstripes are making a big comeback this season, especially in work wear.


  • Underwear as Outerwear

Now it may sound weird, but it is not what you’re thinking. You will most likely see this trend in slip dresses and lace-lined camisoles.


  • Pastel colorways

Pastel tends to always come back in the spring season, and rightfully so. Pastels can make almost any skin tone or eye color pop and add a sense of delicacy to any outfit.