Pepper- The Digital Cookbook for Everyone

Pepper- The Digital Cookbook for Everyone

Jenna Harrison, Editor-in-Chief/Podcast Manager

Have you ever expressed an interest in cooking? Or is your life only Food Network and Julia Child? And doesn’t everyone hate lugging out a giant cookbook or scrolling for hours on your TikTok favorites for the recipes that you saved? Then Pepper may be for you. 

Pepper is a digital cookbook that you can download on Apple or Android. It’s been in creation since 2020, giving free recipes posted by other home chefs. The recipes are diverse and can be curated to your taste, with a small, non-invasive quiz to find out your preferences. The quiz asks about diet preferences, like vegan and keto, and what type of cuisine you prefer, such as Italian or Korean. There are a lot of famous TikTok recipes, as well as more traditional ones from people like you. 

And it isn’t confined to just chicken and pasta bakes, there are snacks, desserts, and drink recipes. The app has an easy layout with instructions and ingredients, usually a picture of the desired end product. The app is also a community setting, with thousands of chefs, food influencers, and home chefs contributing to the production of these recipes. If you post regularly enough, you can become verified on Pepper with your recipes. 

This is a good resource if you want to digitize your classic family recipes or improve your cooking skills. Pepper is a good resource for finding dishes for Valentine’s Day too. Food has always bought people together and it adds a sense of personal connection in a setting. (A good Valentine’s gift, keep in mind.) 

Overall, Pepper is a great app to download if you’re interested in broadening your cooking horizon, want easy recipes to start oith, and have opportunities to share your recipes. Download it today!