The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts of 2023


Lauren Rose, Social Media Manager

Valentine’s Day. It is most likely either one of your favorite holidays or your least favorite. Personally, I love Valentine’s day but not even necessarily why you may assume. I really enjoy the decorations and colors that come with the day, but others most likely enjoy it because of the special day they get to spend with the special person in their lives. With this, there is usually an exchange of gifts between the couple but Valentine’s day gifts tend to be one of the most difficult to pick out. These gifts shouldn’t be just a heart-shaped necklace or a box of cheap chocolates, they should be thoughtful and have meaning to show just how much you care about your significant other, which is exactly why I’m here today! Here are some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for 2023.


  • A gift your partner truly enjoys

Whether that be make-up, video games, or art supplies, you should always get your significant other something they have an interest in over something from the dollar spot at Target


  • A memory book

Photos of you and your partner in a scrapbook would be a really cute gift. This would really show how much you enjoy spending time with them and how much you cherish the time you spend with them.


  • Candles

Who doesn’t love candles?


  • Good quality chocolates

Chocolates are a good gift as long as they are good quality and don’t cost $5!


  • A year of dates cards

Tired of trying to figure out what to do for your next date night? Let this nifty gift decide for you instead. Each box comes with 52 cards to last the whole year and includes several blank cards so you can write in your own special date ideas or take a break for a week.


  • Flowers

Flowers are always a staple on Valentine’s day, and they don’t have to be those “live forever” ones either.


  • New everyday jewelry

You should definitely check with your partner’s preferences before you go for this gift, but this is a very thoughtful gesture to get them more of their everyday jewelry. By every day I mean replacements of their favorite earrings, necklaces, chains or rings. NOT a heart-shaped necklace.d


  • New slippers

If you’re living without a nice pair of slippers, you’re missing out. Gift your partner a pair and get yourself some too while you’re at it!



SKIMS has styles for men and women, it truly is one of the greatest Kardashian businesses of all time. Please get them. You will not regret it.


  • The Ember Smart Mug 2

If your partner is a coffee drinker, they will love this one. The Ember Mug 2 will save them from the disappointment of taking a sip of hot cup of coffee or tea and finding out it’s gotten lukewarm and bitter instead. It lets them pick their preferred mug temperature, and it’ll keep it at that level for a solid 1.5 hours.


Always remember you do not have to empty your bank account for Valentine’s day! As long as you put thought into your gift and get your partner with their best interest in mind they will love it. Happy Valentine’s Day!