Why Exercise is so Important

Why Exercise is so Important

McKinley Barron

     Exercise is a key factor in living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Some people devote themselves to being fit and active. Living healthy also includes a good diet. Not only do we need exercise to survive but also good food. Exercise also improves your mental health. WIthout having good mental health, being physically fit in a good way is almost impossible. Exercise has become an important subject in American’s lives as over 42% of people are obese. This is a scary number to think about. Many experts have tried to think of new ways to intrigue people to start living a healthier lifestyle. 


     The most common way for people to exercise is to go to a gym. There are several gyms including chain and local. Many of these gyms have certain classes such as yoga, spin, and many others. Going to the gym creates an environment where you can exercise the way you want without others telling you what to do. Being in high school or college makes it easier to be active. Not only are you walking at school, but also there are sport teams and intramural leagues to get involved in. As you get older, you get wrapped up in your job and family life that exercise is not even thought about. This is why a lot of people gain weight or just lose a lot of inactivity because they aren’t being active like they need to be. 


     Exercise can quite literally increase your lifespan. As we do not know when we will die, we can do things to improve our health and hopefully live longer. Not only does exercising improve your physical health but also your mental. Exercising has statistically proven to improve your brain health and happiness. As we get older, our bones start to wear down. One way to prevent that is exercising. When we get older we want to be in the best shape we can be so we are not bed bound the rest of our lives. Life gets busy and sometimes there is no room for exercise. However, it is a vital part of our lives. Without exercise we won’t be in the best shape and probably will not be the happiest with our body image.


     Even though some people hate exercising, others do it every day because it makes them feel so much better. When you get done exercising in whatever way that is, it is proven that exercise makes you release chemicals called endorphins. This is the happy feeling you get after exercising. These chemicals seem to cause a sense of positivity during your workout instead of pain and discomfort. Another factor is the type of exercise you do. Yoga is one of the most stress relieving exercises. If you do something you love you are more likely to feel better after. On the other hand, if you do something you don’t enjoy as much you might feel more accomplished afterwards knowing that you did something that made you doubt yourself. Exercising is a great way to improve your health.