Shanquella Robinson


Bailee Mccree

Shanquella Robinson, 25 years old, was murdered on a vacation with her friends. Robinson and a group of college friends took a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. What Robinson thought was going to be a good time with her closest friends turned into her own murder. Robinson talked to her mom on the phone on October 28. This is the last time she talked to her parents. Her mother stated when they last talked “She seemed very happy on that trip.”

Robinson’s friends told people that Shanquella died from alcohol poisoning and she had simply had too much that night. It is also stated that she died within 15 minutes of the doctor getting there but on the police report it says that a doctor was there for at least three hours before she died. It is also said that Robinson’s friends wouldn’t let her go to a hospital.

An official autopsy was performed in Mexico later on which has caused questions to be asked. The autopsy showed injuries to her spine and neck. This is leading people to think that her death may not be caused by alcohol poisoning. There are currently investigations going on about her death by the FBI and Mexican police.

Although nothing has been proved there was a video released of two girls fighting in Mexico. Robinson’s parents claimed that it was Shanquella in the video. Nothing is certain until investigations are complete and we have the facts. What do you think happened to Robinson?