Should College Be Free?

Makayla Bell

There are many pros and cons to the argument for free tuition but which side will you choose? The average college tuition is $25,707 per year or $102,828 over four years. With free colleges, many more would be motivated to enroll in a college without having to worry about the money for it. Even though it may seem like having no fee for college is simple, is it really? If all loans got dropped who will pay? 

Some cons of free tuition can seem unfair and not true but not everyone is the same. The more free universities that drop fees may also drop in graduation rate because nobody is trying. Paying tuition motivates the students to do their best because it’s their money going into it. With less money going into college and schools it may be difficult to keep top quality in the university. When paying for college you’re not paying only for your classes but also for housing repairs, new books, and landscaping to keep your university upkeep. 

Some pros of free tuition can be seen as amazing. Having all your saved-up money it gives u a bigger opportunity to buy a car or anything else you desire. Also with no tuition, it will give students who have lower incomes a chance to graduate. With this break from financial reasons, it gives the student no stress and any overthinking if they’re going to be able to get ur diploma. 

With these pros and cons of free tuition, what would be your choice? Both sides give good reasons on if you should or shouldn’t agree with it. With more graduates with low income and also fewer graduates who don’t care as much it can be hard to choose. Nevertheless, the chance of any university becoming tuition-free is very low and close to impossible, but there’s always a chance.