Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

McKinley Barron

     Charleston, South Carolina is one of the most beautiful towns in America. It’s on the east coast right on the Atlantic Ocean. Not only is it a beach city, but it is a historic southern city. There is so much to see in Charleston including Fort Sumter and was a good location for the Revolutionary War. Charleston has a population of around 150,000 making it a big city but not too big. As I went there a couple of years ago, I simply loved it. Being in a southern beach town is very nice and is one of my favorite places I have been to. 


     Fort Sumter was where the Civil War started. This war was between the confederates and the Union. This war really directed where our country was going to go in terms of freedom. To get to Fort Sumter, you take a boat out to the small island. Seeing the battle ground is really cool. Even though it is not that big, it was the start of a war.


     A way that some teenagers know about Charleston is from Outer Banks. This popular Netflix series takes place not too far from the city. They travel to Charleston a lot to try to find different historical treasures. Charleston is simply just a southern charm city. The houses here are beautiful as they are old but delicate. Houses in downtown Charleston are worth millions of dollars. There is no way to describe them. A street called Rainbow Road is home to many of these historical places. Throughout history, important government people have called these places home. Some of these houses are for sale at prices of millions of dollars. 


     Not only is Charleston a hot spot for the scenery but also the food. Being close to the ocean means that the most popular food is seafood. However, barbeque comes a close second due to the fact that it is in the south. One famous restaurant is Hyman’s seafood. This restaurant is downtown and has had much celebrity attention including a visit from the one and only Taylor Swift. Folly Beach is just a short drive from Charleston and has a beautiful lighthouse. These beaches are so much nicer and cleaner than your regular beaches in Alabama and Florida. 


     In conclusion, Charleston is a dream destination in my opinion. I would love to live here once I get out of college. It has the big city feel with the southern hospitality and plus the beach! There is so much history in this city. To think about all of the history that started in this town is amazing. The first shots of the Civil War were fired here. This war shaped our country today. Charleston is in a great location with it being on the east coast. If you are looking for your next vacation spot, Charleston is the place to go.