What is College?


Lily Cravens

     What is college? College is an educational institution or establishment that provides higher education through specialized professional or vocational training. College can consist of associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees. There are community colleges, public universities, private universities, liberal arts colleges, and more. There are colleges all over the world who offer these different types of degrees with contrasting majors and minors. Colleges can be on campus and in person or off campus and online. 

     I believe obtaining a college degree can be attainable for everyone who truly wants it. If you put your mind to it, I think it can be accomplished. Similarly, not all people choose to attend college and pursue a post-high school degree. Some jobs do not need a college degree, and if your job does not, then I do believe it can be unnecessary. I think college is a choice we as teenagers are old enough to make. It is a huge decision, but we know what education requirements our future jobs will need. Also, college can be an outlet to teens. No matter if you are minutes or hours away from home, attending college will give you independence and freedom to be yourself without as much pressure from families as many have received in the past. 

     Success in college is based on how well you do in your classes. I believe that the higher your grades are and the more work that you complete, the higher your chances are of succeeding. Succeeding in college will help you even post-degree. It might qualify you for better internships, real world connections, and greater job opportunities. More companies and clients will be interested in you if you had higher grades and obtained your degree with flying colors than if you barely passed at all. Succeeding in college is a highly important factor.

     College has its pros and its cons; if your job requires a college degree, you can attempt to obtain one. If your future plans do not need a college degree, do not attend one if you do not want to or need to. Going to college and getting a degree is all in the eyes of the student. If a student decides to attend, succeeding will be a large factor. By getting good grades, passing classes, and completing all schoolwork, the student will have better advantages through a higher number of job offerings and internships in the future.