Revival Sweeping the Nation

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    The news has been flooded with stories upon stories of marches, revivals, and many more events where hundreds of Christians have rallied together and praised the name of God. Revival has swept the campus of Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. Revival broke out on the morning of February 8, 2023. This event stemmed from what seemed to be an ordinary morning chapel service but then turned into nearly a two-week-long revival. People flooded in from everywhere, both alumni of the college, as well as others who just wanted to experience the power of the service. More than 50,000 individuals attended the campus within the two-week period. The college anticipated that this event seemed bigger than the surface view, so they made the decision to cancel classes for the extent of the event. But Asbury is no stranger to revival on campus; the most previous event they have had to this extent was the revival of 1970 when students and faculty gathered to be in the chapel for about a week. While Asbury has been a beacon for many great student revivals over the years, there have been many more revivals sweeping the nation this year in schools, churches, and even taken to the streets. 

    In Santa Monica, California, Christians gathered to band together in a “Jesus March.” This march took place on February 18, 2023, and was hosted by an organization known as United Revival. The march included chanting “Jesus” while walking along the pier, waving banners and signs with evangelical statements, gathering to pray in large groups, and live Christian music was performed. This organization travels the country hosting marches just like this one in well-known cities. Upcoming cities for marches this year are Pheonix, Dallas, Tampa, Seattle, Portland, Denver, San Francisco, and Sacramento. The organization is also planning on planting a church in Sacramento by the end of this year.

    Samford University in Homewood, Alabama also experienced a small revival soon after the one that occurred at Asbury University was begging to subside. The revival began on the morning of February 15, 2023, but peers of the event made sure to assure that this event was not a “copycat” of what took place at Asbury University the week prior. This revival lasted through the weekend, with students gathering off and on in the chapel to pray together, worship, and share personal testimonies. The event faded after only a few days, but the impacts left were substantial. 

    All of these examples are only a few of the many that have occurred this year. Revivals like these have touched numerous locations in the United States as well as some in other countries. This generation has shown that age is not a discredited factor when it comes to true heart matters such as these. It is becoming more common to see events such as these occur and it is a powerful thing. These revivals are signs of breakthroughs in this generation and in this world, and it’s excited to see what is to come next.