New iPhone Color


Clark French

Spring is almost here, and like every year, so is a new iPhone color. Apple has launched a new yellow option for its iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, adding yet another bright hue to the color lineup. Preorders begin on March 10, with general availability starting on March 14. This new color joins the existing blue, purple, Midnight, Starlight, and (Product) Red options. However, it doesn’t look like the iPhone 14 Pro lineup will be receiving a new color, so if you like yellow, you’ll have to stick with the lower-end smartphone. Many people say that it is a great color close-up. It is more of a banana-yellow color and is a bit bolder than the rest of the color lineup. And the aluminum sides are more of a gold color. They also released a very vibrant yellow color for a case to go alongside the new color. New color aside, this is the same exact iPhone 14 that launched last fall, so there is no new performance to the phone or any other features: just the new color. The iPhone 14’s new color is great, and if you’re due for an upgrade (and really like yellow), now’s the time to go and grab one.