womens history month

womens history month

Ariana Brandon

Women’s History Month was established in 1987 by the U.S congress. It’s celebrated From March 1- March 23 each year. It’s a celebration of the appreciation and representation of women across the world. Women weren’t always appreciated or accepted. Even now there is still a lot of sexism we deal with but compared to years ago it’s a lot better. The entire month is surrounded by women’s suffrage. Our mistreatment and lack of authority have gone on since the beginning of time, it hasn’t truly ended yet but it began to dissolve in the mid-1900s

During today’s day in time, there are so many rallies and people advocating for women’s rights. We have come so far to prove our worth and fight for our rights. Here’s a timeline of the milestones we have accomplished over the years.

In 1776 Abigail Adams writes a letter to John Adams asking him to “remember ladies and be more favorable to them than your ancestors”. Seriously are we not more important than dead people?

In 1848 The very first women’s rights convention was held in new york.

1849 First woman to graduate from medical school, Elizabeth Blackwell

1851 “Aint I a woman?” speech was given by former slave turned abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth.

1969 The Wyoming territory passes the women’s suffrage law allowing women to vote and hold office, Wyoming later become the 44th state and the first to allow women to vote

In 1870 anti-suffrage party is founded

1871 Susan B Anthony votes for Ulysses s grant

1873 minor vs. happersett

1875 declaration of rights for women

1877 Introduction the Woman Suffrage Amendment into Congress

1890 Nawsa

1896 The national association of colored women is formed

This is just a timeline of 120 years. So just imagine what happened in the next 127 years. We’ve come a long way as women. There was a period in time when women couldn’t go anywhere with a male without a chaperone, or talk unless their husband said so. Wear certain clothing, Vote, Drive, and even serve in the military. Some countries are going back to these ways. For example, a few months ago the Taliban was reinstated in Afghanistan. It made it to where women were under these regulations. It also forces them to constantly wear their hijab despite their beliefs and if they dont they’ll get punished. Many women have been seriously injured and killed because they disagreed with the Taliban’s rules. I believe the only reason everywhere in the world hasn’t come to this is because our women are so powerful no days and people fear them. Women have done a lot for history despite what most people say. There are countless amounts of women who have done amazing things to change our world. There are a few of them and what they did for us. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was the wife of alexander hamilton one of our founding fathers. After her husband’s death, she founded the first free school and orphanage in new york city and kept her husbands legacy of fighting for the freedom of slaves. Jane Roe, Jane was Roe from the Roe v. Wade case that had recently been overturned but changed a lot for women and their rights for years. She made it to wear women could legally have abortions if they needed. Florence Nightengale founded modern nursing and was a pioneer in early statistics. Thousands more women have done influential things for the future of America. All we can do is thank the women of the past and become the women of the future.