How to Survive the First Year of College

How to Survive the First Year of College

McKinley Barron

     Going to college can be scary for everyone. At some point, you will be put in an uncomfortable situation. Whether that’s living with someone you have never met or not having any friends in any of your classes. However, after a few weeks, you are destined to make at least one friend. Most students are in the same situation as you. You might meet people in your dorm or classes that you will become friends with. Another way to make friends is by joining greek life. When you are in a fraternity or sorority, you will have friends all over the place. When you are in greek life, sometimes they live all together. Often times they do activities every day to either just have fun or raise money for their desired charity. Even though college can be scary at first, most people have the best time of their life. 


     The workload in college is sometimes hard to deal with. A lot of times students in high school do not study that much if at all. In college, it is a whole different story. The professors do not care whether you come to class or not. It is your responsibility to pay attention and turn in your work on time. Not only that but most classes do not meet every day. This can make it hard to remember to do your work. In college, there is also a lot more freedom. You can go out on school nights without having to worry about what your parents will say. This often prevents students from doing their work. The key to it is to find a healthy balance between your personal life and your school work. Without finding a balance you will oftentimes find yourself in a hard space. 


     Being involved in college and all of the activities that come with it will allow you to have a better time. You just have to make sure your grades are good. If your career requires a graduate degree, you have to make sure you keep your grades up. Most graduate schools require you to have certain GPAs. Often times to get into medical school or law school, you have to score high enough on the entrance exam. The way you discipline yourself over four years of college can determine whether you get the career you desire for. With all of this said, schools like to see involvement within your university and not just good grades. This is why being involved not only benefits your personal life but also your academic life. 


     In conclusion, college can either be the best four years of your life or some of the worst. Your involvement within your school often helps with your happiness. Learning how to balance your academic and school life can be hard, especially during your freshman year. It is very different going from a small high school to a large university. With the right mindset, you can make college very fun and have the career you want once you graduate.