March 24, 2023 Mississippi EF4


Carolina Troxel

On March 24th at approximately 8 PM a tornado was reported just west of the city of Rolling Fork, Mississippi. Many who have experienced tornado warnings thought it was just another minor funnel and were not prepared for the devastation that was about to occur. The tornado quickly turned violent just before hitting Rolling Fork. 

In Rolling Fork, 13 were killed with dozens injured. The tornado traveled a total of 59.38 miles. The 13 killed in Rolling Fork are L.A. Pierce, 76, Melissa Pierce, 64, Delores Harris, 60, Wanda Kelly, 53, Daryl Purvis, 58, Erica Moore, 40, April Johnson, 36, Mary Barfield Bush, 56, Linda Herman, 63, Luvella Herman, 89, Phyllis Maxie, 54, Brenda Odoms, 55, and David Moore, 77. The tornado also affected the towns of Silver City, Summerfield, and Wren. In Silver City, 3 people were killed. The three victims were Freddie Murphy Deere, 61, Robert Lee, 41, and Aubree Green, 2. Robert died shielding his wife from the tornado in their bathroom. Aubree’s mother was at a nearby hospital giving birth to her brother at the time of her death.  In Summerfield 3 victims were killed. Helen Munford, 54, her husband (Danny Munford, 51), and her 14-year-old son (JaDarrion Murphy) all passed leaving behind her 14-year-old son’s twin brother. In Wren, Ethan Herndon, 33, and his 1-year-old were killed by the tornado. They leave behind the mother, Elizabeth, and older children, Brantley and Aubrey. In total 26 were killed by the violent tornado. The names of the other 5 victims have not been shared. 

President Joe Biden visited Rolling Fork to see the damage and devastation of the town as well as express his condolences. Rolling Fork is mostly destroyed. Despite this, communities of all surrounding cities have come together to start the long cleanup process.