Johnny Beasley – Senior Student Solo Artist

Johnny Beasley - Senior Student Solo Artist

Laura Brimm

Johnny (John) Beasley, is a Senior Student at Dyer County High School. Beasley is an eighteen-year-old solo artist singing country blues, and rock n’ roll. He just released his new album State Of Mind in February 2023 and is currently working on his third album. 

During his interview, he mentioned his favorite song he’s ever released was Let’s Go Around One More Time but his least favorite song right now released is Learn From Your Mistakes, Though it was his least favorite, he states that it was, “Good for the age I wrote it at.” 

Johnny Beasley has two albums out currently, State of Mind, and Diamonds in the Rough, Not to mention three singles, Ramblin’ Man Blues, Me and You, and Unrequited Love Blues. Two of Beasley’s most well-liked songs, both happen to be his singles, Ramblin’ Man Blues and Me and You according to Beasley. 

John Beasley says that his music is greatly influenced by Elvis, Willie Nelson, Hank Wiliams Sr., and Jerry Lee Lewis, the artist he has been listening to science he was a kid. He has had ‘gigs’ throughout Tennessee in March, April, and a few In May of 2023.