Crimson Criminals Podcast


Laura Brimm

Laura Brimm, a sophomore student, does a podcast on ‘DCHS Podcasting’, on all things serial killers, most unknown or usually the few with less publicity. Her podcast is called the Crimson Criminals Podcast. Episodes have a few jokes, and humorous statements, despite the severe crimes described in these episodes. 

She decided on her podcast about serial killers because of MMM or Murder Mystery Mondays hosted by Bailey Sarian. Laura has watched this podcast for a long while and loves every episode. Not only that but she is an avid fan of Criminal Minds and has watched every single season, she and her family all sit down and watch it together, along with the show BONES. BONES is a show that has to do with less of the FBI side and more of the corners and physical anthropologist side of things. BONES follows Temperance Brennan, Dr. Brennan, as she solves murders based on the body of the victims. It honestly, is a very interesting thing to watch and then decide to take inspiration for her podcast from. From the copycat killers to the originals, she covers them all. 

 She uses the website Criminal Minds Wiki, which is no surprise because of her love for the show, for a lot of her research and inspiration for what serial killer she will be stabbing next.  Criminal Minds Wiki has a simple and beginner-friendly website design that makes research easy and makes finding inspiration even easier. The website has everything from fictional killers of criminal minds to real-life criminals all around the globe, and not to forget, easily accessible. 

Laura came up with the name for her podcast because of simply the word crimson. Crimson was her favorite word to say when she was nine when her grandmother told her it was the color of her nicest sweater. Other than thinking it’s a funny word to say, the color is the exact color of blood, crimson red, and you can always figure out more by listening to her podcast, The Crimson Criminals Podcast on ‘DCHS Podcasting’.