Gypsy Rose Case


Ariana Brandon

In December this year supposedly, Gypsy Rose Blanchard will be released from her 10-year sentence after serving 7 years of it she will be eligible for parole. I figured with how big this case has been over the years that everyone would know about it but apparently not. Some people have no idea who Gypsy or Dee Dee Blanchard is. 

In 2015 police Tracked down Gypsy Rose after her mother’s body was found inside their home. Eventually, she admitted to her crime of helping her boyfriend plan the murder of her mother. She had tried to run away previously with another man she had met but her mother convinced the man she was a minor and he would go to jail. Gypsy at the time was 19. One of the many things her mother lied about, her age is just one. Neurologists believe Her mother suffered from a mental illness known as Munchausen syndrome. It made her fabricate her daughter’s illness and lie about her age so she could get sympathy for taking care of an ill child.

While Dee Dee seemed like a caring and devoted mother, She would give Gypsy many medications for her “illness” and force her doctors to believe she needed surgery. So gypsy her entire life was forced to undergo medications, surgeries and walk with a wheelchair that was not needed. Dee Dee told Gypsy’s father that Gypsy suffered from a chromosomal disorder, but when that side of the family started to notice Gypsy walking fine without her chair, Dee Dee moved them away by claiming she and her daughter were victims of Hurricane Katrina and receiving assistance. When out in public Dee Dee would force Gypsy to hold her hand and would squeeze it whenever she wanted her to be quiet. When Gypsy got older she started to realize she wasn’t sick and didn’t need her wheelchair and her mother was lying to her. Whenever she would “rebel” her mother would deny her food and sometimes hit her. Eventually, Gypsy found her way back online and joined a Christian dating site, and met her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn. She explained her life to him and how she wanted to be with him. But that couldn’t happen with her mother always controlling her. Gypsy and Nick met up one day to continue their plan. Gypsy went to the bathroom and covered her ears while Nick dealt with her mother. Once finished the couple ran away to Nick’s home in Wisconsin. Where they were later tracked down by police. Gypsy posted on Facebook right after her mother’s death saying a short quote about her mother’s death. 

The Gypsy Rose Blanchard Story Has Been Adapted into Drama Series — Hunt A Killer

So many people were confused as to why She didn’t just stand in public and expose her mother’s lies. Why kill her? Gypsy said she felt that if she did that she didn’t know if anyone would be on her side or what her mother would do to her. She felt she had no one to trust. Gypsy was featured on the Dr. Phil show where he asked her numerous questions about her release and her mother’s death. She stated that she was not happy her mother was dead, she was just happy she was out of the situation she was in. She feels more safe there than she did the rest of her life. I feel like not enough people try to put themselves in her shoes. What would you do if you were her?