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I’m okay because I got flowers today.

I was bullied, but it’s okay because I received flowers today.

He hurt me, but he said it was okay because he bought me flowers.

I was always okay because I got flowers.

I’m faking it, but I’m fine because I received flowers.


Even though he bought you those flowers doesn’t mean that it was okay.

Some people buy flowers just to keep them for themselves.

I like buying flowers, but for other people, because I’m a people pleaser.

My happiness comes from seeing others happy and smiling.

So, no matter what always smile.

With or without flowers.


I am also a people pleaser, but it’s okay not to accept flowers just because they decided to be nice all of a sudden.

Flowers are nice, but so is a real apology and explanation.


A real apology and explanation is always needed.

Those flowers don’t mean anything.

Stay hydrated and remember that water helps the soul and body.


Water does help the soul and body.

And sometimes you need more than just flowers.

Sometimes you just need them to be there for you.

And to know that you’re cared about for real.


Flowers need food like us, but you can encourage people to consume you if you put too much trust in them.

It’s good to be nice to people, but in the real world, it’s you and you alone.

So take care of yourself first.


I like buying flowers for myself.

I don’t need anyone to buy me flowers to be okay.

You will be okay.

“Okay” is a subjective term though.

I thought everything was okay because he bought me flowers, but I think he just didn’t want to lose me.

No matter all the bad things he has done.

He just gets me flowers.


Although I believe he’s scared to lose me, that doesn’t mean I should stay.

Since what he did is unforgivable and I know I can be happy by myself in my way, maybe I’m better off alone.

Flowers are pretty


And getting flowers from someone is nice, but you don’t always need to rely on others to get you them.

Get some for yourself.

In the real world, if you want something you won’t always receive it from other people.

Make sure you’re happy and buy yourself their flowers.

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Hey, I'm Malaya (aka May). I'm a sophomore here at DCHS, who plans on going to Vanderbilt University when I graduate. I love taking pictures and spending time with friends. Also love making new friends.

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