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My Home

By: Amberlynn Robbins This is about what home means to me…where I feel most at home. (LLH 1-27-2024 <3)


By: Amberlynn Robbins

Home is a different feeling and place to me, you might see it as a place where you live with your mom and dad or grandparents or just family but to me, home is a person.

My home is just like me in my eyes yet we are different in ways. A feeling of belongingness, a feeling of being taken care of.

It’s where you can laugh, shout, scream, or ugly cry without fear of judgment or feeling lost.

 It’s when you feel at peace and comfort with them, and you just want to live in that moment for the rest of your time.

Home can be within a person, someone you share an honest and pure relationship with. A bond made of trust and care without any secrets and lies, someone that you can feel comfortable with no matter what is going on around in the world. 

Times can be hard or you might be struggling but you would want to go home, right? Well, it may not be four walls and a roof but a person that is just like you with long black hair and green eyes whom you have known since elementary school, and who you know will be right by your side through thick and thin.

My home would have to be my best friend Hannah Chilcutt.

Me and Hannah would do everything together no matter what it was, what we had to go through, or if it got us in trouble.

All we needed was each other.

Hannah and I met in elementary school and have been best friends ever since.

Do I miss my home, you may ask?


How far do you have to travel to go “home”?

I do, I miss my home very deeply and traveling would be pretty far.

Every day I want to travel as far as I can to go home and be with Hannah.

Each and every day.

But I know that heaven doesn’t do calls or visits so my “home” I can sadly no longer visit.

Hannah recently passed in January of this year, she was 17 and was taken too early from us.

But I know that deep down my home will forever belong with Hannah in my heart no matter the time or the place.

I can say my “home” is Hannah.

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About the Contributor
Amberlynn Robbins
Amberlynn Robbins, Writer- Podcasting-Photography

HI GUYS, My name is Amberlynn or Amber, I am a Senior attending DCHS, I plan on going to DSCC for 2 years and then going to MTSU or APSU for 4 years to finish up my nursing program for my future. In my free time, I play video games with friends or work. In DCTribalmedia,  I do podcasting, writing, and photography.

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  • D

    David L Chilcutt | Apr 17, 2024 at 12:49 pm

    I love this and love you Amberlynn!