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Let Them

Let Them

People are gonna be who they are, and do what they want to do regardless of what we say or do… 

So let them. 

We’ve gone years and years wondering why the people in our lives have done what they did. We would spend months and months questioning ourselves and trying to understand the situation the best we could.

As children, we wondered about our parents all the time. Not much we can do, and not much we can change. 

It takes years and years to see and understand that sometimes, it’s not about us. Not about what we do or don’t. 

Some hurt people, hurt people… 

But then again some hurt people, heal people. 

We just have to choose our path and what kind of person we want to be. 

Friends, significant others, family, strangers, coworkers. 

All of them. 

If they want to choose something or someone over you, LET THEM. 

If they want to go weeks without talking to you. If they are okay with never seeing you, LET THEM. 

Let them put themselves first and let them show you who they are and not what you perceive them to be. 

If they are wanting to follow the crowd instead of being a leader, LET THEM. 

If they want to judge or misunderstand you, LET THEM. 

If they act like they can live without you. If they walk out of your life, hold that door open, and LET THEM. 

Let them lose you because you were never theirs to begin with, you were and always will be your own. 

Stop exhausting yourself and your mentality about what you can change, or how to make yourself more worthy. You will always be worthy. 

Trying to control any decision or action of others is a waste of time. Let them be, and let them do it on their own. 

I understand it’s hard to make sense of why they do the things they do in the first place, but we can’t control them or the actions involving the others around us. One thing we can control is how we choose to react. 

Remember that when you decide to start letting them show how awful they can be, don’t let it blind you to how amazing others can be. 

So let them. 

Let them show you who they truly are, not tell you. 

Let them prove how worthy they are of your time.

Let them make those steps to be a part of your life.

Let them earn your forgiveness.

Let them make that phone call first.

Let them do things just because it is being done with you.

Let them find that safe place inside you.

Let them see the heart of yours that didn’t harden.

Let them love you.

No matter what happens in life, take those risks, learn the lessons, and remember to “let them.”

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Hey, I'm Malaya (aka May). I'm a sophomore here at DCHS, who plans on going to Vanderbilt University when I graduate. I love taking pictures and spending time with friends. Also love making new friends.

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