Top Fall Fashion 2019


The leaves are changing and the temperatures are dropping. Ladies and gentleman, it is finally here: the time of year where there is no need for you girls to be ashamed of your pumpkin spice addiction, or for the men that can’t resist the purchase of yet another flannel. Let’s be careful, though, if you want to be that one that doesn’t blend in with the basics, this could be your season to step out and make a statement with these fashion trends we have found. 

For the females out there that want to get funky with their fits, this fall might be the season you have been waiting for. You can first start off by accepting that animal prints are ruling the roost. Ranging all the way from snake skins to exotic furs, you can’t go wrong with reppin your favorite pattern or print from the wild. If you don’t feel like this is for you, let’s take things to brighter side where the loudest colors of trends lie: neon. If you like to stand out this is a trend you surely can’t miss. Decide you want to wear a solid outfit for the day, don’t be afraid to pair this with a neon piece to make it pop. Last but not least is the trend that leaves us all wanting to walk around in style: chunky footwear. As we have seen during the summer season that this was popular amongst sneakers, it has come back for fall and this time in boots. Big and bulky shoes are huge this season and they are setting the bar high for one of the best ways to make your outfit complete. 

For the guys that also care about following the latest fashion, don’t worry we’ve got your clothing trends covered too. Some of us think that it’s a good idea to clean out our closets when a new season comes around, but you might want to hold off until next fall after we tell you what is in and can have you looking 10/10. That Sherpa jacket you thought you thought isn’t in style anymore? The light wash denim pants you thought you might be ready to retire? If you answered yes to both of these then you are already ahead of the game. Jackets are always a staple piece for any season but when it comes to fall you can’t go wrong with wearing one with any fit you decide to put together. Sherpa jackets are showing up as one of the hottest items on the market for the upcoming season, so this might be something you can add to your wish list. If you have doubts that you can pull off this type of jacket, who can’t go wrong with a light wash denim. This shade is popping out this year as one of the most popular so if you want to feel fresh this is a way to do it. 

Fall is an exciting time of year as it finally starts to cool down and daylight savings time let’s us gain an hour of sleep back. They call this falling back but stay fashion forward and don’t sleep on these trends we have found. Get ready to gear up for the best season of fashion ever.