Choctaws Around The World

Show your school spirit during homecoming week


Ethan Gaddey, Olivia Richards, and Brooke Wilson


How to dress- What would you wear if you wanted to visit an island? You wouldn’t put on a jacket and wear boots, would you? NO! You would typically wear cargo pants, sandals, and polo shirts. Tropical shirts and other such attire is also acceptable. Cowabunga dudes, show your spirit!

Ancient Greece

How to dress- Oh, to be in the good ole days, but I’m talking about before Christ! B.C. style!! Togas, light loose clothing, long, colorful fabric. And the men also wore tunics with these. They can be traditionally held by pins at the shoulders, and a belt at the waist.

North Pole

How to dress- It is a cold Wednesday, my dudes. Dress like it´s cold! Wear things like hats, scarves, jackets, etc! 


How to dress- USA! USA! USA!! Sport our country’s colors with some red, white, and blue clothes! And patriotic clothing work as well.

Home Sweet Home

How to dress- show your school spirit people! Wear orange, white, black, and please…GO ALL OUT!! Take pride in the school colors, and show the school just how proud we are to be a Choctaw!