Veteran’s Day

Veterans Day

Katie Stover, Jayleigh Draper, and Karis Newsom



Sr. Airman David Libby, U.S. Air Force


“Veteran’s Day is a time to remember all of those that volunteered to defend our constitutional rights.”













Lt. Col. James Lacy, TN Army National Guard


“Being a veteran of Desert Storm, Kosovo, and Iraqi Freedom, I’m reminded of the soldiers I fought with. I never lost a soldier during deployment, so Veteran’s day is a day of remembrance for the experiences my units shared. It is also a day of thankfulness for our survival and the success we enjoyed.”












Sgt. Nickey Cantrell, U.S. Army


“Veteran’s Day is an opportunity to honor all who have served in our military. All who serve devote a significant portion of their lives to safeguard the freedoms we enjoy as a nation and have my deepest respect.”












Airman Nadalye Ozment, U.S. Navy


“Veteran’s Day represents the sacrifices that were made for our country.”














Sgt. Micheal Walker, U.S. Army


“Veteran’s Day is honoring those men and women who have written a blank check to their country to protect it and its people during peace or wartime. It is about remembering the warriors of past and present.”











Cpt. Dustin Despain, U.S. Marines


“Veteran’s Day is giving thanks to the guys and girls who fought in the wars before me and to the guys that fought with me, especially the ones that did not make it back.”