Student of the Month

Katie Stover, Jayleigh Draper, and Karis Newsom

Student of the Month

Student: Ashleigh Bickford

Teacher: Todd Ross

“Ashleigh has had  a tough few weeks, but pulled herself together to deliver one of the best speeches she’s ever given. It is difficult to get up and speak under normal circumstances, yet she persevered amid many challenges.”












Student: Aaron Boone

Teacher: Jamie Ferguson

“I chose Aaron as student of the month because he is always willing to do any task that I give him with 100% attentiveness and with a positive attitude. I am able to rely on Aaron, he has 100% attendance at DCHS. I have watched him encourage and support students in several of my classes and in my student club”











Student: Lauren Fears 

Teacher: Kristy Brown

“Lauren has displayed Personal Best. She works hard to understand her lessons and has improved her grades since the beginning of the school year.”














Student: Shayla Hanson

Teacher: Malissa Flagg

“Shayla comes to class each day with a smile, positive attitude, and ready to learn. She works hard outside the classroom as well and represents DCHS in an outstanding and positive way.”












Student: B.A. Halliburton

Teacher: Derek McCord

“B.A. is always working hard and going the extra mile when helping his teachers and coaches.”











Student: Catilyn Ferdenand

Teacher: Dan Smith

“Catilyn has the drive and ability to accomplish her tasks and goals with the best attitude and work ethic! She’s a job to work within my class!”











Student: Caden Harden

Teacher: Amy Uitendaal

“Caden exhibits PRIDE everyday. In class, he consistently takes the initiative to help meet the needs of others. He is incredible generous and uses manners with everyone. When challenges arise Caden perseveres, gives is personal best, and strives for excellence. I believe the reason for his success in all areas stems from his value of personal integrity. He is honest and always takes responsibility for his actions without excuses.”












Student: Eliza Heinrich

Teacher: Laura Wright

“Eliza is a wonderful student and person who consistently exemplifies Choctaw PRIDE. She is kind to everyone and always does the right thing. She is determined to achieve excellence in everything she does. Eliza is a  great role model for her peers.”











Student: Gabby Millspaugh

Teacher: Shana Fowler

“Gabby always gives 100%. She has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to be around. She treats her teachers and classmates with respect. Gabby represents herself and her school with pride.”












Student: Ashton Watson

Teacher: Cruz Perea

“Ashton has always exemplified PRIDE in the classroom. From showing her personal best behavior and respect to being determined and excelling, she is a good example of how a DCHS student should be.”












Student: Kelsey Sweat

Teacher: Susan Cambell

“Kelsey is kind, thoughtful, and brilliant. She is motivated, by challenges and is not afraid to push herself academically. Kelsey’s attitude and actions are an encouragement to those around her. I find it difficult to be in a bad mood around Kelsey!”

Student: Caleigh Pinson

Teacher: Ben Glasgow

“Caleigh displays Choctaw PRIDE by being attentive during class, staying on task, takes initiative and being kind to others. These attributes will contribute to her success at DCHS and her future plans.”