January Student of the Month

Katie Stover, Jayleigh Draper, and Karis Newsom

Student: Bradley Floyd
Teacher: Justin Brown
“Determination: Bradley is not only determined to make himself better at guitar, but he helps others around him to be their best as well. He may struggle through some aspects of the music, but he pushes his way through.”


Student: Jarrod Halliburton
Teacher: Monty Frier
“Jarrod was one of the first player to volunteer to help work our Youth Football games. He also talked and interacted with the youth players in a positive way. As a football player, he works hard on the field and in the weight room. He encourages his teammates to do the same.”


Student: Gracie Jackson
Teacher: Eddie Sims
“Gracie always greets you with a smile and is willing to help in any way. She always takes pride in her work no matter the task.”


Student: Lara Mays
Teacher: Tiffany Rogers
“Lara always gives her personal best and tries her hardest. She consistently shows respect for staff members and other students. Her manners and work ethic are top notch. Her positive attitude is a great representation of DCHS.”


Student: Mary Lurks
Teacher: Jennifer Ray
“Mary exhibits several characteristics on our PRIDE rubric. She works hard to be the best version of herself and to do the right thing. She is respectful and considerate. She has also shown an extreme amount of determination to be successful in and outside the classroom.”


Student: Garret Lewis
Teacher: Rob Parson
“Garret gives 100% in the classroom and is ready to learn every day, he supports our Choctaw athletic programs, he is truthful and honest in all areas, and he represents DCHS well at any event that he participates.”


Student: JD McCord
Teacher: Laura Brimm
“JD is a student who is enthusiastic about his work. He is motivated and work hard to achieve success in the classroom. JD is ambitious and driven. Great job, JD!”


Student: Devon Newman
Teacher: Lorri Riddick
“Devon is such an enthusiastic reader. He’s always happy to see new books and read them. He has a positive attitude and is a bright spot in everyone’s day. His enthusiasm is contagious.”


Student: Kailey Pollock
Teacher: Daniel Hooper
“Kailey comes to school and class with a smile and a great attitude. Works hard,. Is helpful to her classmates without being told. Is kind and considerate. Makes good grades. A model student. We need more like her. She’s awesome!”


Student: Dakota Thompson
Teacher: Richard Pike
“Dakota comes to school everyday with a positive attitude. He is always respectful and willing to help others.”


Student: Jametria Smith
Teacher: Kim Isbell
“Jametria is a very polite and respectful individual. While walking through the halls she always has a smile on her face. She represents Dyer County Lady’s Basketball team in a positive manner. She is helpful and encouraging with the younger players on the team.”


Student: Kemaria Pounds
Teacher: DL Gilton
“Kemaria is an excellent student. She displays all of the PRIDE characteristics on the rubric. I selected her because she expresses RESPECT to everyone, everyday. She shows respectful behavior in school and outside school. I believe that she genuinely lives by the Golden Rule, ‘Treat others as you would want to be treated.’”