The Demonic-Like Airport


Mia Townsend, Sports Editor

On February 28th, 1995, the Denver International Airport was built costing the amount of 4.8 billion dollars then but about 8.1 billion today. The Denver International Airport, or just The Denver Airport, may sound or seem normal but there is something unordinary that goes on within this airport that has tourist rethinking their trip to Los Angeles, California. 

The main thing that trips theorists and tourists up is the Denver horse statue that is located in front of the Denver Airport. The horse, also known as the “Blue Mustang,” was built in 1993, two years before the actual airport was built, but was “installed” 15 years after it was built according to the website This was due to legal reasons, security scares, and background reasons. The theories started coming up when, in 2006, a large section of the horse fell on top of Luis Jimenez’s, the creator of the Blue Mustang, studio, crushing and killing him. His sons then finished installing the horse after their father died in 2008. This was a portion of why people thought something fishy was going on with the airport. But when people saw the eyes of the horse, people started bashing the Denver Airport with conspiracy theories. Eventually, though, the Blue Mustang’s name changed whenever people saw the eyes of the horse at night. The horse’s name changed from “Blue Mustang” to “Bluifer” because of its red, glowing, demonic eyes. 

If you think this isn’t enough reason for the Airport to seem unordinary, then wait till you find out what is inside of the Airport. In your typical airport, you wouldn’t have demonic murals located inside of the airport, would you? That’s what the Denver Airport is also known for. You would think that they would have a Leonardo Da Vinci type mural hanging up if they wanted to have the “Most Artistic Airport” award. Instead, they have demonic symbols and pictures hanging up creeping tourists out even more then they were when they saw big, bad, Bluifer. This rose questions for conspiracy theorists. They started coming up with reasons why this airport, and this airport alone, would have these hanging up. 

Some theorists believe that the Denver Airport is some type of base for some type of cult that worships something wicked like Satan. Some may get in more depth regarding this theory. They believe that a certain type of cult is the one behind the airport. Many many people know of this particular cult since they believe they are behind a lot of stuff. Stuff that ranges from brainwashing or killing off and replacing popular artist like Britney Spears to Controlling all governments around the world. They go by the name “New World Order” but you may know them as the “Illuminati.” Crazy, right? It’s actually not surprising. The New World Order is usually blamed for the unordinary, so the theory that they are behind this is not unusual. 

There are more crazy theories behind why this airport is set up this way. An example would be that the airport has something to do with lizard people. Despite them being interesting, they are too crazy to actually write about. Maybe the airport just wants to be better than LAX. They just want everyone to be talking about how they are the oddest airport. This could drive more people to look around and see the demonic murals and the giant horse staring into their souls. Maybe everything is just a coincidence. Or maybe the lizard people are just into airports and secretly found a way to lure people in so they can eat them. Who knows.