Urban Legends v.1: Tennessee

Bell Witch Cave & the Facility in West TN


Kristen Farley and Jenna Lowrance

Bell Witch Cave:

The Bell Witch Cave is a cave located in Adams, Tennessee. At first glance, it may seem like any other cave. That is, until you know the history behind it. 

John Bell and his family decided to move to Robertson County, Tennessee in 1804. For their first thirteen years, they lived a quite peaceful life; but, in the summer of 1817, something happened that would change the family’s lives forever. 

Some members of the Bell family began to see strange looking animals around the property. Then, late at night, knocking sounds were heard on the doors and outer walls of the house. Finally, sounds were heard inside the house: gulping and choking noises, stones being dropped on the wooden floors, chains being dragged through the house, and even sounds of a rat gnawing on the bed posts. 

For over a year, the family kept the problems to themselves, despite being utterly terrified. Once John Bell finally decided to confide in a neighbor, he insisted that more people should be told about what was happening. Not long after this, people were coming from miles around to witness this unseen force that was terrorizing the Bell home. The force had eventually gained enough strength to speak. When people would ask it who it was, it gave several different identities. Once, it claimed to be the witch of a neighbor named Kate Batts. From then on, the entity was known as the “Kate”, or the “Bells’ Witch”. 

Over the next few years, the Bell family was tormented by this “Bells’ Witch” almost every single day. The father, John, and his daughter, Betsy seemed to get the worst of it. She’d be scratched, pinched, stuck with pins, and have her hair pulled out; while her father suffered twitching and jerking of the muscles in his face, and swelling in his throat. As time went on, John bell became weaker and weaker from the entity’s tormenting. On December 20, 1820, he passed away. It was believed that he was poisoned by “Kate”.


Facility in West TN:

According to a story read by known urban legend reporter “CreepsMcPasta”, it all started in a national park in West Tennessee. Their ten man group of the green berets decided to go to West Tennessee, only the group leader knew the specifics, a facility in the middle of the woods of the national park had called for help. No one in the group was sure why the facility was located in the middle of a national park, especially one with a history of common disappearances. This obviously raised a few questions, what could be going in in this facility? Their team was added to a much larger conglomeration of odd groups no one had quite heard of, and probably a few that didn’t exist at all according to records. Still,no one knew why they were there. 

After being dropped in an empty parking lot the team is informed that the facility has endured mass casualties. The ranger tells them that he had heard gunshots and told the team not to split up under any circumstances. The team made their way through the woods, surveying for any danger. They saw nothing, and heard nothing, but knew they were being followed by someone… or something… Because the woods were so silent there had to have been a predator present. Something so dangerous that the birds, squirrels, and deer refused to make a sound.

Soon enough the team found themselves a metal fence. Blood covered the doorway, and there was no one to be seen. Suddenly the group heard what sounded like the gargled scream of a woman, but with odd low undertones. The group scanned their surroundings, ultimately finding nothing. After entering the facility the writer and the captain found a guard with no name tag or company logo on his shirt. He was dead with a large open wound to his solar plexus. 

Upon exploring further they find more guards with similar wounds, though they had extreme amounts of body armor, along with an unarmed secretary. They press on and find labs with wire reinforced glass windows with bullet holes. As the team learned more they began to piece together a storyline. Whatever happened, it had been a surprise from the inside, and it killed indiscriminately, showcased in the deceased secretary, guards, and lab technicians. 

They still pressed on, entering a lab near the back of the facility. There they found a live scientist who claimed to know nothing and have no clearance. However the scientist could, in fact, open a glass door in the back of the facility that had been equipped with a hand scanner that only allowed in people with a certain level of clearance. Along the wall of the room were test tubes that showed the true nature of the facility. In the glass tubes were what looked like the missing people… the missing children… The children had been experimented on. The team was horrified.

But what happened? One of the children had escaped, killing everything in its path so it could leave that evil place. That thing was in the woods, that had been what they heard before they entered. All of a sudden they heard the same yell from the stairs. All the lights went out, and the writer heard the monster yell what sounded like “Help me”. The creature was promptly shot at, and after taking a few bullets it ran at a test tube, shattering it, and sending whatever was inside flying. The creature then lunged at the scientist. The team ran, and ended up killing the creature as it ran out of the facility and started to attack them.

Now this story may be fictional, but it really makes you think. How many facilities are there out there that do this sort of thing? Could this actually happen? Are there people that evil in this world? The answer to the last question is yes, but no one knows the answers to the others. There could be places like this right under our noses, and we would never know. Learn to question yourself, question your surroundings. Don’t assume everything is happy and fine. It’s our job as human beings to protect each other, to do all we can to seek out evil and destroy it. Notice the little things, and stay vigilant.

(Want to hear more about this story? Go https://youtu.be/KKHpe9wf8yc)