A Day in the Life: Quarantined Kid

Direct from a Quarantined Kid


Kaitie Lamb

When I left school on Friday, September 4 I was just expecting a 3 day weekend. I didn’t know that 3 day weekend would turn into a 6 day weekend when I started feeling unwell.  Labor Day weekend I spent time with friends just like everyone else. I felt perfectly fine up until Sunday night. Sunday night I was sitting at the park and developed a headache, sore throat, and felt very warm, I decided it was best to go ahead and go home. The next day I still felt terrible so I decided to go to the doctor the next morning. 

Going to the doctor I was not that apprehensive. My sister had just gotten over strep a week prior and the weather was changing so I assumed it was strep. Walking into the clinic I was not expecting anything more than the normal strep test. I was shocked when I was told I would be getting a Corona Test. I was told by the doctor she was certain I had strep and would give me medicine for it, but since a multitude of students were testing positive it was policy to test just to see. Getting swabbed for Corona is unlike anything else. It is uncomfortable and burns for hours after.  

Since I had gotten tested for COVID-19 I was required to quarantine until I got my test results back. I stayed in my room, watched Netflix, and talked to other friends quarantined. I was still trying to keep caught up on my school work but it proved to be difficult. Teachers were not uploading the same content the in school students got but were still expecting me to do the same work. Around this time is when my apprehension started to kick in. I was worried about how my body would react if I tested positive. I was also scared about the students who would get quarantined as a result of me being positive. 

On the third day of my quarantine, I got my test results back which were negative. This was both a positive and negative thing for me. I’m glad I am able to go back to school and be with my friends. But I am still worried I could be put back in quarantine at any given moment.