Free ACT Voucher

Free ACT Voucher

Kaitie Lamb

Every school year juniors and seniors are given two opportunities to take the ACT for free at school. The seniors take their test in the fall, while the juniors receive their free ACT test at the school in the spring semester. As we all know the school year of 2019-2020 spring semester ended fairly early due to COVID-19. This meant that juniors (now seniors) did not get to take their free ACT test in the spring. 

This summer students were given the option to opt-in for the free voucher for the summer National ACT or the Fall National ACT. If you did not choose the July ACT or did not redeem your voucher you have 2 more chances to take your FREE National ACT test. 

In every senior’s school email there is a voucher for a free ACT test. A student wanting to redeem the voucher would need to sign up for the October or December ACT as they regularly would. When the student is ready to check out there will be a place for a voucher code. The code is located on the top right-hand corner of the voucher sent in their email.

Good luck to those students that choose to capitalize on this opportunity. Remember those wanting to take the October ACT need to sign up before September 25th.