The Fate of Trick or Treating during a Pandemic


Kaitie Lamb

With Covid numbers steadily rising and Halloween just a mere week away many families are wondering how the tradition of trick or treating will take place. 

The popular candy company, Mars Chocolate, has created an app and website to help encourage holiday participants to celebrate safely. Families can register for an account then get to decorate a virtual door and select avatars to represent their children. The kids then can earn candy credits and “buy” candy that can later be redeemed for real candy. The special thing about this event is that it lasts the entire month of October, not just one day. 

While there are virtual events being held some cities are still allowing normal trick or treating, just with certain restrictions. Suburbs outside of Chicago, along with many other populated cities, are requiring social distancing, masks, hand washing, and limited group size. Along with these restrictions, there are set times being implemented for trick or treaters according to 

The CDC is calling traditional trick or treating, trunk or treats, costume parties, and haunted house higher risk activities that should be avoided to help prevent the spread of covid. Moderate risk activities include the following: handing out individual treat bags, traveling in small groups, and attending outdoor activities. 

The Fate of Trick or Treating during a Pandemic


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