Should There be a Mask Mandate?


Noah Larson, Journalist

     With the virus still around, there has been a mask mandate for almost every city and county in the state, but Gov. Bill Lee is going against putting a mask mandate for Tennessee. Even though he is against this Lee is giving the power to enforce the mandate to the mayors of the different counties in the state. Gov. Bill Lee will extent this order till the end of the year, but should he do it. 

     I believe that he should extend this order, but he should tell the mayors of the counties with the most cases to have the mask mandate. I say this because cases in the whole state are rising, and when you look closer at the data of the cases you can see that 62 counties in the state of Tennessee have a weekly positivity rate of over 10%. The reason for this is because the mask mandate is not being enforced.

If we ever want the whole situation to get better we should have the mask mandate, so this order should help us with the rising cases. With the mayors being able to choose if each county should have a mask mandate I believe that our mayor should let us have a mask mandate, so we can decrease the number of cases in Dyer County. If this happens then we could go back to normal life.