Scholarships for Seniors

Scholarships for Seniors

Kaitie Lamb

College tuition can be a daunting thought for many students. Most college students will have student loan debt that takes years to pay off. Applying for scholarships can help ease the minds of worried college-bound students. 

As a high school senior, everyone you know will shove information about scholarships down your throat. There are tons of websites made just to help students find scholarships to apply to such as,, and These websites will have you put in information about yourself and then curate a list of scholarships you match with. 

Here at our school, the guidance counselors are really good about keeping seniors updated about scholarship opportunities. By following this link: you will have access to local and national scholarships, as well as a list of scholarship websites and tips for applying to scholarships. 

Aside from scholarships that are given out nationally and locally, many colleges have scholarships that are granted to students who will be attending the university. Many workplaces may offer scholarships as well.

When all is said and done applying for scholarships is not as bad as it seems and can help students avoid heftier student loans. Always be on the lookout for any scholarship you may be eligible for