Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


Jane Bradlee Forsythe, Social Media Editor/Videographer

Some of you may be aware of what’s going on with the Arctic Refuge, but some may not. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to the most diverse and spectacular wildlife in the arctic, located on the coastal plain. Not only does this 2o million acre land provide a home to 42 fish species, 37 land mammals, eight marine animals, and more than 200 bird species, it also is home to the indigenous Gwich’in people, who have relied on the Arctic Refuge for thousands of years.

The Trump administration is pushing a reckless plan to start oil and gas lease sales within the refuge’s land. Even worse, they are moving to allow dangerous seismic testing. Seismic testing is when the surface is blasted with high-powered airguns every 10 seconds and measured with tubes to find the echo so offshore oil and gas reserves can be mapped. Obviously, this would be very destructive to wildlife. This land is already threatened from climate change, and now this.

If you have any remorse towards this land or these animals, you can make a change by taking action on this link. You are allowed to voice your own personal thoughts and opinions, making them even more effective. This land is one of the last completely unspoiled wild places on earth, so let’s save it and the animals/people that call it home by signing the petition. If you want to do any more research on this, you can get there from the link provided above.